Кто заставил Гитлера напасть на Сталина, английская версия


unnamedThis book will tell you who stirred Hitler into his suicidal decision to attack Stalin. It will tell you who were the real godfathers of the worst catastrophe in the history of Russia that went off on June 22, 1941. You will learn who gave money to Hitler and his party, helping the Nazi to power. Revealed in this book is the real reason behind the Nazi regime — aggression against the USSR to correct a previous blunder of Western intelligence that had led to Bolshevism in Russia. Instead of quietly disappearing with their loot, Lenin and his crew remained in the country and pieced it together into a global superpower, refusing to give it over to the West. Abundant evidence cited in this book helps trace the whole logic of events starting from September 1919 up to June 1941. The reader will emerge enlightened about who were the true preachers and masterminds of World War II, and who must share responsibility with the Nazi for their hideous crimes.

Why did Adolf Hitler undertake the suicidal step of attacking Russia? This question yet remains without a good answer.

The new book by Nikolai Starikov, author of the bestselling Cherchez la… Oil, ‘Russian’ Revolution Revealed, and Who Finances Russia’s Collapse: From Decembrists to Islamic Radicals, will pluck the veil off the major mystery of World War II.

  • Who sponsored Hitler and his party?
  • Why may Leon Trotsky be called the father of German Nazism?
  • Who financed the rapid amassment of the German army?
  • Why did German war planes fly with British engines?
  • Why did the West cede Austria and Czechoslovakia to Hitler?
  • Why do the Anglo-Saxon nations hate the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact?
  • Why did Britain and France never stir a finger to help Poland?
  • Why did the leader of the Nazi Germany postpone the French campaign as many as twenty times?
  • What did Rudolf Hess bring with him to England, and why did he ‘hang himself’ at the age of 92?

These and other questions have their replies in this book, from which you will learn who made Hitler attack the USSR on June 22, 1941.

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